Z.com Technologies Collaborates with Freelancing.ph

Freelancing.ph have become such great influence in the industry over the past years. Founded with passion in mind, it soared to heights beyond imaginable. I am Joan Ehlayne Gabia, a blogger and contributor to the community, am very well pleased (and honored) to introduce to you our new partner. Read on!


The community is now brimming pride of having almost a hundred members listed in its brand new freelancer directory, and more than 11,000 people engaging on a daily basis through its social media group. What better way to jumpstart a freelancing career than by having a community supporting one another every step of the way!


Opportunities in Partnership

One of the many ways Freelancing.ph helps build and develop Pinoys who want to excel in the field Is through its partnership. Now with more than 30 brands and thought leaders sharing their marks, the community have been an overwhelmed recipient of such privileges. GoLance*, Payoneer*, Taxumo and Sunlife are among the partners Freelancing.ph’s members are benefiting from and sharing endless opportunities with.


Coming fresh into the family as Freelancing.ph’s partner is Z.com: Japan’s GMO Internet Group global brand.

z.com-freelancingphZ.com Technologies

Being one of the only three single character domain names in the .com space, Z.com is indeed making a definition in the industry. It offers almost ‘complete’ services to meet your online needs.


GMO Internet started way back 1991 from being a multimedia company evolving to what is now a global provider of internet services. Although the company has been around for almost three decades, the brand Z.com was coined just 2 years ago.


Z.com Services

They are offering services from domain registration and web or WordPress hosting, Cloud, SSL and StoreApp.




Partnership with Freelancing.ph

Collaborating networks certainly have benefits on both sides. The community has been a home to most skilled and tenured, not to mention passionate individuals in the field. Freelancing.ph serves as the bridge in building and enlarging networks.


Z.com in partnership with the local freelance community such as this is a recipe for success, no questions asked. The technology is striving to redefine the industry and foster a vibrant internet culture, and with this initiative, what is there to not achieve?


Domains/Websites have become increasingly essential to freelancing. It serves both as a portfolio, and as a way to improve personal brand. As this marks the start of a healthy and professional partnership between the community and Z.com technologies, exciting perks (do I need to say it’s website related?) await Freelancing.ph members! Stay tuned for a live announcement on May 5th, Friday at 5PM. Checkout our Facebook group to know how you can take advantage of this offer.


Labor Day Z.com


So if you’re not yet a member, be one now and add your info in our directory!


Are you already using Z.com Technologies’ services? Share your thoughts with our new partnership!


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