Why MyOutDesk Ain’t Your Ordinary Virtual Assistant Job

Another one we have yet to meet on the most awaited Freelancing Forum PH Year 2, is the growing company founded in 2008, MyOutDesk. While various online job platforms rise significantly over the past few years, this has been established with a little bit of specialization, making it stand out from the rest.


The founders of the company saw the need for quality Real Estate VA’s, being in the field themselves, making the business serve the need in the industry. Learn more about MyOutDesk as they grace us with a few teaser Q&A’s. Sign up on our event too, for a chance to ask them questions live!




What is MyOutDesk and how does it differ from other virtual assistant services platform?

MyOutDesk is a Virtual Assistant platform that offers services to Real Estate professionals in the US and Canada. MyOutDesk is unique because of several factors. A major one is the fact that we offer dedicated support to our Virtual Assistants and clients. If there is need of additional training or mediation, both VA and Client get a dedicated coach to take care of any issues or needs that may arise.



What is it like to work in MyOutDesk?

MyOutDesk is like a family, each person is important and everyone is concerned for each other’s well-being. Each year we have MODCon a conference for all Virtual Assistants. We get together and learn new things and create bonds with one another.



Why should clients and freelancers choose you?

Freelancers should choose MyOutDesk because we offer a competitive salary, HMO and other benefits, but more than that, we also offer a unique support system that you cannot find on other Virtual Assistant platforms.


Clients should choose us because we offer excellent services and ensure that each Client and Virtual Assistant has a cohesive business relationship.


Why have you decided to focus on Real Estate industry alone?

Being Real Estate professionals themselves, our founders saw a need that had to be filled. They saw a unique opportunity wherein they could help other people in the industry by giving them leverage in their business, freeing them from non-revenue tasks and giving them more freedom to focus on their expertise.

MyOutdesk Virtual Assistant


How does the system guarantee both freelancers’ and employers’ security when it comes to work and payment?

We have a hard working accounting team that ensures collection and distribution of bi-monthly wages. We have a tracking system for work and also coaches to monitor our Virtual Assistants. We also have an in-house clock-in system that is available to be viewed by both clients and Virtual assistants.



How does MyOutDesk be of convenience to Filipino freelancers?

MyOutDesk offers the convenience of working from the comfort of your own home. We offer competitive wages and benefits. When you are part of MyOutDesk, you are more than just a number, yo0u are part of a family.



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