Why Canva Is A Must-Have Tool For Freelancers

[INTERVIEW SERIES] Hey everyone! I’m back with another interview. I’m super excited because this time, I got to speak with Canva’s Head of Education Partnership, Hannah Field. First and foremost, I LOVE CANVA. I have limited Photoshop skills, that’s why Canva is my go-to app for all my design needs. Most of the graphics on this post (except for the screenshots) are made in Canva. It’s every freelancer’s dream app and I’ll let Hannah tell you why.


When Canva was launched in 2013, was the intention to directly compete with Adobe Photoshop? How does the 2 differ?

Canva makes graphic design simple for everyone. It’s designed to be easy to use so anyone who doesn’t have access to the Adobe suite, or hasn’t spent months studying how to use it can still create beautiful designs. There are now so many more people creating visual content as part of their work. For example, social media people need to produce graphics for multiple social networks every day and salespeople need to create pitch decks and proposals. Canva makes graphic design accessible to everyone that needs to create beautiful designs quickly and easily.

Canva Sample Facebook Post

Sample Facebook Post


Our audience are comprised of freelance Social Media professionals and Content Writers. How can Canva support their needs?

Canva provides freelance professionals in any industry a simple new way to create beautiful graphics. Traditionally, there have been design tools out there with powerful features but they’re often too challenging for people who may be less tech savvy to navigate and learn. With Canva, signing up is quick and you have immediate access to a library of over a million images and elements as well as intuitive features which allow you to craft a design which best tells your story. For those less confident in their design skills, Canva provides hundreds of professional and fully customizable layouts so that you don’t have to start from scratch. These layouts are available for all Canva templates, from Facebook and Twitter posts, to A4 documents and presentations.



Catherine Quiambao ResumeCan general Virtual Assistants or those who don’t usually deal with visual content still benefit from using Canva?

Absolutely! Canva isn’t a tool that’s just intended for marketing professionals. If you’re a virtual assistant looking to promote yourself, consider using Canva to help create your brand identity. You can create email headers for your monthly newsletters, custom-sized graphics for your website, or graphics for your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts. The possibilities are endless! Canva will also be releasing a Canva for Work product with exciting new features that will make design across teams even easier. If you’re interested in pre-registering, go to www.canva.com/work.

*Why not try a new way to present your resume?



Based on my personal experience, Canva is pretty easy to use, thanks to the the drag and drop feature. Are there any special design tricks or tips you can share to our audience?

Whether you’re creating marketing materials for your personal brand or for your company, you’ll want to keep in mind how important it is to maintain brand consistency across all of your external documentation. You can reinforce your brand’s look and feel by using the same fonts, color palettes, and photo filters — and Canva makes this even easier to do. Choose from any of the free Google fonts in Canva, apply the hex codes for your brand in our color wheel selector, and apply the same photo filters across all of your images using the unique identifier we provide you in our filter menu.



Hannah Field CanvaFor the benefit of those who haven’t tried Canva yet, is it possible to design a really good banner image at no cost?

We have a rich image library of beautiful photos which you can use throughout your designs. You can select between premium images priced at $1 USD per image and a huge selection of free images you can use and export in your designs at no cost.

*This business card layout is totally free!



In 2014, I’ve noticed that your team has been very proactive and invested a lot of time in educating your users (which is admirable!). Do you still plan to continue with this trend now that Canva has grown to 2.1M users? What more can we expect this 2015?

In November 2014, we launched Canva’s Design School, a free design curriculum which brings together interactive online tutorials, teaching materials, and a beautiful content-rich blog so that our users can continue to learn, share, and be inspired. We’ll always be committed to design education and spreading visual literacy everywhere so you’ll see new articles on our blog nearly everyday, regular updates to our Education portal with new lesson plans from influential educators, and ongoing partnerships with online learning platforms like Lynda.com who develop courses on Canva and the principles of design.

BONUS Question: Your LinkedIn profile is quite impressive, from Pandora to Dropbox. What made you decide to move to a very young company like Canva?

Opportunities to join companies like Canva are a once in a lifetime opportunity. The team is incredibly talented and the pace at which they move is exciting, but beyond that, Canva has created a product I believe in. It was an easy decision to make.


Thanks for enlightening us Hannah! I personally use Canva for my business cards, blogpost images, Twitter posts, promo posters and many more. I hope you’re as excited as I am to try it out. If you want to learn more design tips, watch this space or join our Facebook group for more exciting news!


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