What Freelancers Need to Know About goLance

As Freelancing Forum PH Year 2 comes close, we are privileged to have goLance, the well known freelancing platform to be joining us. To give us a glimpse of the respected company, here are some Q&A’s that’ll surely help us aspirants!


1. What is unique with goLance making it stand out from bigger and more prominent platforms?

goLance is first and foremost about the community. Larger platforms rely heavily on automation and fees for things like applying for jobs. They lose that human touch. Our approach is the opposite. In countless interviews the founder of goLance, Michael Brooks has firmly stated his discontent for platforms charging freelancers for basic features like applying for jobs.

We work everyday to take a holistic approach helping clients hire great talent, freelancers work jobs on their terms and our users live life the way they want.

The Top 3 Immediate Features You Will Find On goLance Are:

Option To Earn Passive Revenue

  • On goLance, you can refer anyone to sign up and once they get hired and paid you will get a percentage of that revenue. We take it out of our cut and give it to you for the lifetime of the contract. In theory, your entire revenue could be built on referrals.

Ability To Subcontract Work

  • One of the biggest complaints we heard from freelancers on other platforms was having to go around the system to get work done. goLance introduced the option to subcontract work. The scenario we often see is a goLancer with a great relationship with a client who is asking the freelancer to do work beyond their skill set. With the ability to openly subcontract work you can hire and manage experts to help complete the job and not lose out on that revenue OR have to go around the system to get work done.

Faster Payouts

  • We have the same standard payout review period that major freelancing platforms have – but we are also introducing Payday Advance. This new feature allows goLancers to not have to wait the entire review period to withdraw their funds. Instead, depending on when they want to withdraw their earning they may, for a small fee.

 2. On the average, how long does IT TAKE FOR a freelancer to get a job?

goLance is about connecting employers with freelancers around the world. We believe that so much our team tries to go above and beyond to help our users land work by actually having Skype calls with them and learning about their skills to help make appropriate recommendations to clients.

We can’t say we get everyone a job within a week. We do help clients with recruiting and make recommendations based on goLancers we meet and profiles we come across.

We also interview goLancers and actively promote their stories on our blog and social media channels. In the past, when we have done this, it not only provided massive exposure but also landed goLancers jobs.

You can learn more about how to share your story here.

We recommend to goLancers who are applying for work to balance their time by continuing to develop their skills and create content that establishes them as a leader in their niche.

 3. Are there any profile tips and tricks to help freelancers land the job?

No matter what freelancer platform you are on we always recommend completing your profile as much as possible. Think of your profile as your digital shop. You want prospects to enter and find exactly what they need to hire you.

In our case, we created a guide where users can review it to optimize their profiles.

Other tips we can recommend are getting active on our blog and social media channels. For the longest time and even to this day there is this sense of freelancers working solo. We don’t endorse that on goLance.

We believe in empowering freelancers and providing tools and methods to take them from solo-preneurs to entrepreneurs.

Here‘s a great Podcast from Marv De Leon, the host of FreelanceBlend.com featuring the owner of goLance Michael Brooks talking about the industry and actionable tips for freelancers.

 4. How does the system guarantee both freelancers’ and employers’ security when in comes to work and payment?

Every freelancer on out platform has to download a free program called the goMeter. This records the work you do for clients and stores screenshots in your Work Diary.

When the review period comes up both the client and freelancer can review the shots and determine if there are any discrepancies. Usually, there aren’t. We’ve found that both parties love how transparent this tool is and most people aren’t looking to scam each other.

In terms of compensation, our pay period is the industry standard timeline. With the work diary at hand and the review period, this is generally a big enough layer of security for our users to protect them.

With that said, when issues do arise and reported to our team we take them very seriously. Our support team is easy to reach and thoroughly reviews every complaint.

 5. How is goLance a convenience to Filipino freelancers?

goLance is a new freelancer platform. Later this year we plan on releasing an upgraded website with new features and a cleaner UI. We’re also working on building a mobile app. We’re really trying to make this platform community driven above all else.

What does this mean for Filipino users? Well, you will find jobs on goLance. You will find them posted from all over the world. You will find our blog packed with actionable advice to get you on the right. You will find tools to empower you on goLance.

goLance is a tool built by the requests from its users. We listen to our audience and try to incorporate as many features as possible to help them land work and make their work life easier.

For freelancers interested in trying goLance we welcome you. We’re approachable and we’ll do what we can to help you land work. It takes about 15 minutes to sign up on goLance – click here to get started. We look forward to seeing you.

There you have it! Looking forward to meet the goLance team? See you at our event then! Sign up now!

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