What Do Clients Look For In A Virtual Assistant? [Video Blog]

[Interview Series] I’m back! I know I’ve been MIA for almost a month now (which is bad), but I had to attend an international conference and a short trip with the fambam. The important thing is, the blog is back in action and I’m kickstarting it with a bang! So, since we are all for sharing tips and advice on helping you find a job here, we thought, why not get some inside scoop from a client? BOOM!

And so Juaymah Abesamis, our resident career adviser, introduced me to one of the nicest clients I’ve met and we invited her to join us for a short interview. Meet Angie Shanahan (not Jolie-Pitt but I’m sure you’ll find the resemblance). She hails from Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and works as a Project Coordinator in a private clinic. In this video blog, she talks about the winning traits she is after when hiring a virtual assistant. Watch now:

What Do Clients Look For When Hiring A Virtual Assistant?

Note: Pardon the audio-video lock issue. I was having trouble with my connection during the interview.

Can’t watch the video now? Read the show notes below:

What We Asked Angie

What is your definition of a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is somebody you can outsource, not necessarily in the country, that works from home and can assist you online.

How did you know you needed the services of a VA?

When the workload is too much and there’s a need to delegate some tasks to help lighten the load a little bit

What tasks can you delegate to your Visual Assistant?

Our VA does a range of things of office support: from data entry, data analysis, creating spreadsheets, online content, graphic design, creating marketing materials like brochures, newsletters, invoicing, and accounts, etc.

When hiring a virtual assistant, what skills, experience or traits do you look for? Say you have 20 applicants, how do you weed out the good candidates and how do you know which virtual assistant to hire?

  • Great communication skills
  • Attention to details
  • Time management
  • Being able to prioritise
  • Getting things done on a deadline

Can you share with us an experience wherein your VA has contributed something of value to you and your business?

Our VA is able to prioritise and gets everything done on time. It’s like having a set of extra eyes on your work. She reminds me when I’m running behind and keeps me on top of things.

Do you keep conversations with your Virtual Assistant strictly work related, or do you try to build a relationship with them?

I try to build a relationship because I really think that it is important. Our VA comes to our weekly office meetings via Skype. It is really important that the VAs feel that they are part of the team.

How do you keep a positive and healthy relationship with your VA?

By giving positive feedback! I make sure I always let my VA know when she’s doing a great job

What tips or advice can you share to our aspiring Filipino VAs to help them get hired and offered a long term career with their clients?

Communicaton skills, attention to details and time management, not just for VA but for any career.
Pro Tip: Get to know the business and give extra attention to your client!

BONUS:  I know you’re into holistic health and yoga.What’s your favorite yoga pose?

No favourites but I love everything about Bikram Yoga! It has cured my back problems. Everyone should try it.

There you have it, folks! I sure hope you learned a lot from Angie. Do you have a question that you feel we haven’t captured? Post them below.

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