[VIDEO] Valuable Freelancing Lessons I Learned from the South Meetup


“A community is a group of people who share an interest in your passion and who come together to discuss, debate and share views on the subject matter.” – Gary Vee., Crush it!

We did it! We had three simultaneous meetups for the Freelancing.ph community last Saturday, Feb 25th. There’s one more event this Saturday, March 4, happening at 47 East Co-Working Space in QC. I promise you it will be worth your time. I’m not saying it because I’m organizing but because I was there and I left the place with valuable insights and strengthened relationships.

Before I share my biggest takeaways, let me back track a little to why we called the event #CoffeeBreakLive. Working in a corporate setup, you get to see your colleagues face to face and you develop friendships. On a stressful day, I look forward to having a chat with my officemates turned friends over a cup of coffee. The 30-minute time to unwind was beneficial to keeping the sanity in the workplace.


Fast forward to working from home, most of your team members are from other parts of the world. It can be lonely sometimes. So last year, we started a 30-min online hangout with the admins and we called it Coffee Break Ask Me Anything Session. We talked about getting clients, paying taxes, how to react to stricter policies and more. We then realized we should bring this outside via a series of local meetups to actually bond with freelancers in person. And that surely happened. Let me share with you my greatest takeaways from the event.


South Meetup


Advice from our speaker, Dexter Arceo:

Dex is a certified copywriter and content marketer. Our topic was How to Improve a Freelancer’s Personal Brand through Content Marketing.


  • Look for a topic of your interest and focus on that
  • Reach out to blogs or companies in that niche
  • Engage with them and offer value
  • Be authentic and sincere with your outreach
  • Choose a specialization and niche down (Writer vs Amazon Copywriter)
  • Review your online profile and make sure the write keywords are listed above the fold
  • Add a call to action on your profile (Contact Me/Work With Me/Let’s Connect!)
  • Personality Marketing, make a stand and be vocal about it (Thanks for this John Pagulayan!)

You can watch his entire speaking segment on the video below.

 Ask Me Anything Session

Lessons from the freelancing community:

We asked each one of they what their biggest challenge is as a freelancer and here are some of the issues we tackled:

  1. How to maintain a steady stream of clients especially for Agency owners (we had 3)

    • Be consistent with your efforts
    • Participate in client groups in social media
    • Engage with them actively
  2. How to manage demanding clients

    • Set expectations with your clients (3 revisions only)
    • Know when to be considerate and know when to be firm
  3. How to change the freelancer mindset

    • Wear an entrepreneurial hat
  4. Can you be profitable if you only have part-time contracts?

    • Yes! Add more part-time contracts
    • Charge higher
  5. How to handle late/non-payments from clients

    • Ask a milestone or upfront payment
    • Charge higher so even if he doesn’t pay the full amount, you’ve got everything covered.
  6. How to find high-paying clients

    • Be selective when searching for job ads
    • Apply to jobs seeking expert or experienced freelancers
  7. Coffee and Pizza are an awesome combo 🙂


And the meet up won’t become a reality without the support of our sponsors: Payoneer*, goLance*, Bo’s Coffee and The Common Space. Thanks for believing in our advocacy – to educate, empower, and inspire the Filipino Freelancer. To our members, a big thank you for actively participating during CoffeeBreakLive! I feel like I have a new set of friends I can reach out too anytime. Hope you all enjoyed! 🙂


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