[Video] Coffee Break: How to Cope with Upwork’s Recent Changes

Coffee Break with Freelancing.ph Admins is a quarterly webinar where we answer your freelancing questions. For this episode, we discussed a very pressing topic. As of this writing, Upwork’s new sliding fee 20%-10%-5% is now in effect. If you’re not sure how to deal with this, make sure to watch the video below.


How to Cope With Upwork’s Recent Changes


Key Takeaways:


  • Go to Linkedin and get the premium account if you can.
  • Pimp your profile and copy the ones that are really good looking in your industry.
  • Contact the ones that viewed your profile and connect with virtual agencies so that they will get wind of your existence.


  • Look for other platforms that can provide the same protection as Upwork’s.
  • If clients are already trusted clients, then discuss doing direct transactions with them.
  • Join communities to see what other freelancer’s think about the update or to see what other options you may have.


  • Market yourself outside freelancing platforms.
  • Invest in yourself and improve your skills.
  • Never settle.


  • Know your worth. Charge base on your skills and experience.
  • Always build a long lasting relationship and don’t burn bridges.
  • Have a specialization.


  • Embrace the change. Factor in the rate increase (20%) when bidding for jobs. Fixed price jobs are still option.
  • Be selective of the client. If possible look for longer term/ongoing contracts.
  • Look for other opportunities outside Upwork. It all boils down to being visible and maintaining a strong personal brand.


If you haven’t watched our first episode, you can watch the Ask Me Anything session here. Until the next Coffee Break session!


Your Admins,

Rhea, Floyd, Aki, Juay & Cath


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