Why High Rates is Not Equal to No Work

People have the misconception that high rates translate to fewer job opportunities. While there is definitely truth to that in any freelance industry, you cannot discount the fact that you can thrive even with a rate that is five times higher than the average competitor’s.


What if I told you I get more WORK now – to the point that I’m turning them down or recommending others – that my rate is almost 8x higher than when I started three years ago?

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43 Best Freelancing Websites to Earn Money Online

Have you been dreaming about working from home, leaving your nine to five job, and doing work whenever, wherever you want? Maybe freelancing is for you.


And today, you’re in luck because we are letting you in on our little secret: here, we’ve compiled 43 of our favorite websites that will help you make money online.

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[Video] Coffee Break: How to Cope with Upwork’s Recent Changes

Coffee Break with Freelancing.ph Admins is a quarterly webinar where we answer your freelancing questions. For this episode, we discussed a very pressing topic. As of this writing, Upwork’s new sliding fee 20%-10%-5% is now in effect. If you’re not sure how to deal with this, make sure to watch the video below.


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How To Win Your First Upwork Contract [Webinar Recap]

The most common question we get is how can one really land a job as a freelancer. So last June 27, we decided to run a no nonsense webinar to walk you through Upwork’s (formerly oDesk) application process. We were graced by one of the most successful freelancer-turned-entrepreneur, Roel Manarang, to share how he made it in the freelancing world. Roel is the author of Freelance1k. He is an entrepreneur and a growth hacker who has helped more than 100 businesses around the world. He started freelancing at the age of 12 and has been earning five to six figures since then.

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