[Infographics] Reasons Why PayPal is One of the Best Payment Platforms for Freelancers

During their career, chances are that freelancers from all around the world often ask themselves which payment method is bound to give them the most benefits, while also being easy to use. For most, the answer is PayPal, and although it has some of its special flaws, it remains one of the best payment methods for freelancers, as it is easy to use, most clients have a PayPal account, and withdrawing funds is bound to be quick and easy.


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PayMaya X Paypal Unite for Freelancers

What is one thing that freelancers struggle with, you ask?


You’ll be surprised that a good number find it hard to apply for their very own credit card. I’m all for maintaining financial health, meaning not spending more than you earn, but there are times when having a credit card comes in handy. Case in point – booking for flights online, hotel reservations, hospital bills and even your monthly groceries. This post will offer a solution or alternative to this common freelancer problem.

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A Freelancer’s Guide: Getting to Know PayPal

PayPal has been named as one of the fastest, easiest and most popular options to receive online payments in the world. This American company, if some of you haven’t heard or isn’t very much familiar with yet, provides an electronic payment system famously used as alternative with bank money transfer method.


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