Are You a Freelancer? Here’s Why You Should Stop Acting Like One

If you are a freelancer who has been chasing after clients and worrying where to find your next gig even before your current project is completed, then you might be doing the wrong thing. And guess what — before you know it, you’ll risk burning yourself out.

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Fitz Villafuerte: Shifting Gears from Freelancer to Entrepreneur

I met Fitz Villafuerte sometime last year when I was looking for a speaker for our Financial Freedom webinar. Fitz graciously agreed to the event and it was a huge success. Today on Freelancer Spotlight, he’s here to share more about his freelancing experience. More importantly, he’s going to tell us at which point in his career did he find out he was ready to start his own business, 199Jobs.com. If you’re contemplating how to make that shift, make sure to read his story below.

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From Freelancer To Social Media Agency CEO: Interview with Roel Manarang

[Interview Series] I’m thrilled to share another great conversation I had with one of the most respected and well-known Entrepreneur, Speaker, Marketer, Designer, and Blogger in the country today. I met him randomly via Twitter and soon realized we have many things in common. As a burgeoning entrepreneur, I was curious to know how he transitioned from freelancer to having his own agency. So, thanks Roel for granting me this opportunity! If you’re in the helm of Social Media or planning to be, read on to find out what it takes to be a successful Social Media Manager.

1. How did your online career start? What circumstances brought you to build your own social media agency?

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