Philippines’ First Job Fair for Freelancers

Aside from the opportunity to mingle with co-freelancers and hear success stories from the inspiring keynote speakers, this year’s Freelancing Forum PH is cooking something absolutely not to miss.


The event, which will be taking place on October 22 of the year at A SPACE Greenbelt is expected to launch the very first Freelancer Job Fair. Various business entities will be joining for what is known as “co-opetition”, all for the benefit of the freelancers joining. Speakers meet-and-greet plus an exclusive job fair from notable companies, what is there to not be excited about? Sign up now because I too, am definitely in!


Being in the freelancing industry, you’ve probably heard the names of some of the event partners who’s as excited to be joining the fair. So without further ado, here’s the list of companies we’ll have a chance to work together with!




1. goLance

Founded by our respectable speaker Michael Brook in 2015, Golance provides the perfect person to almost any field, anytime, anywhere. The company aims to connect the matching employer to freelancers, so as to manage workload with effectiveness and efficiency.



Freelancing PH - Myoutdesk

2. Myoutdesk

Myoutdesk started in 2008, with the primary mission of aiding Real Estate people grow their business but with reduced cost, by outsourcing highly skilled Virtual Assistants. Realtors spend much time on routinary administrative tasks, therefore consuming day productivity. Using Myoutdesk gives them the opportunity to focus on the core of their business, while enjoying a little more time for themselves.


Similar with goLance, provides accessible and uncomplicated way to get paid by working online. It was founded in 2008 by John Jonas, after being overwhelmed by the significant business impact of having a Filipino as an online assistant. The company learned that, as quoted, “Life is definitely better with Filipino workers in the team”. Why, thank you!


With, it’s not just an income opportunity, it’s a community. The bond within Filipinos is a culture in itself, and it is what the company is made of. definitely knows the guy to every industry; identity built, confidence carried. Get a chance to’s guy too, sign up on the job fair event today!




5. Payoneer

Last time, we experimented and posted about one of the most frequently used payment system for the benefit of freelancers. In the age of vast technology where everything can be done in seconds, by the tip of a finger, Payoneer stood out among the competing comparison. It offers not just a system to system, or bank to system and back money transfer method, but provides ease of invoice requesting as well!


6. PayMaya

PayMaya is a prepaid online payment application, developed under the digital innovations company of Smart and PLDT. Not just one of the many arising, but is the first among all. Individuals who do not have nor qualify for a credit card grant can use the application for online purchases. It uses a prepaid system, so no need to worry about paying bills. You just have to get the app for free, load it up at any PayMaya Load Up Center, and shop spree!




7. TimeDoctor

Surely, freelancers of all ages and gender are very much familiar with this time management app. Working on different timeframes, TimeDoctor served conveniently both virtual employers and employees. The application properly manages and records the time spent on which exact task, and provide screenshots thus avoiding disputes. The company believes that if time is tracked accordingly, it increases productivity and ensures that everyone is working efficiently. Hop on the productivity too by signing up on our event! Be one of the privileged to meet be part of the TimeDoctor team.




8. A Space

Last but definitely not the least, we are privileged and pleased to open the fair to our lovely venue, A Space Manila! It is one of the most prominent coworking spaces in the Philippines, as posted in our previous blog. In A Space, we’re not only customers and not only co-spacers, we are a community. We may be working with different clients and businesses, but thanks to coworking spaces, we are able to be with other people having the same passion, and collaborate within!


Opportunities do not come very often, but so does failure. Our break might be in one of these companies, as they experience the same undertakings as well. Listen and be inspired with our Keynote Speakers; seize the moment and find where your calling is, all in the same event.


Sign up now, review your resumes, get the right dress and attitude, and head on to the FIRST FREELANCING JOB FAIR ever!

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