The Platform for Freelancing Juans

One of the most awaited highlights during the upcoming Freelancing Forum Year 2 is the very first job fair for freelancers. Various platforms will be joining for such rare event as this (never gonna miss it! You shouldn’t too!). A prominent sponsoring company who will be joining the job fair on the day, is the platform very Pinoy at heart,


onlinejobs ph was founded “unnaturally”, when John Jonas and co-founder Dan Goggins realized the importance of the Juans (common depiction for Filipinos, also called Juan Dela Cruz) in the freelancing industry.


john jonas

John Jonas


dan goggins

Dan Goggins


They wanted to connect employers with Filipino workers, so unlike the others, they developed the platform exclusively for Pinoy freelancers. Sign up to our event now for a chance to be one of the Juans! Here are some things we might want to know about them too.


What are the benefits of using OnlineJobs.PH as an employer? as a freelancer?

As an employer, we feel that hiring workers for long term positions is much better than freelance/project based positions. Employers will get to spend much less time training workers, and with the lower turn around percentage, will have to spend less time finding hires as well. is also more economical than other sites, since we only charge an employer when they are needing to hire new workers. Other sites charge employers a percentage of all salary sent to workers, forever, which is much more costly in the long run.


Workers that use our site can find positions that are intended for long term work so they get to enjoy stable positions/salaries.


Why have you decided to exclude worker feedback? How does it benefit the freelancers and employers alike?

Workers are able to make complaints/feedback about employers. Workers are able to search for complaints by using this page.
Now, if you are talking about hiding worker reviews on worker profile pages, only upgraded employers are able to make/see those reviews. Only upgraded employers can write reviews, which protects the site from fraudulent worker reviews.



On the average, how long does a position last?

Employers are directly hiring workers, so we don’t have data from employers on how long the position lasts, but since most positions are “permanent”, I would say the average is several years.


How does the system guarantee both freelancers’ and employers’ security when in comes to work and payment?

Since is an open resume and job posting board, where employers/workers are directly working with each other, its up to the employers and workers to realize the risks involved with virtual working. However, we actively remove any problematic or potentially fraudulent users on our site and act as mediators with payment disputes.

online jobs ph


Are there any profile tips and tricks to help freelancers land the job?

I would counsel workers to fully read the job posts and make sure to answer all of the questions as the employer requests. Several employers have complained that workers don’t bother to read the questions on the job posted.


How does be of convenience to Filipino freelancer? Is it exclusive to Pinoys?

Yes, it is exclusive to Pinoys. Workers that use our site can find positions that are intended for long term work, so that they get to enjoy stable positions/salaries.



Want to hear more of their overwhelming acknowledgement for us Freelancing Pinoys? Sign up today and be part of their team!

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