Rhea Buenavista

Rhea Buenavista
Rhea Buenavista

Virtual Assistant • Community Manager • Freelancing Advocate • Writer Wannabe

Manila, Philippines
My past work experiences had always been in the line of customer service and support but even then I already had a knack for organization, administration, and management. As I transitioned to becoming a freelancer, I used these skills to build up my freelance career.

I started out doing basic virtual assistance tasks but I armed myself with more skills as I advanced in the industry. Now I do Operations, Social Media and Events Management. Whenever time permits, I blog and write fictional stories too.

As I grew in the industry, I’ve met amazing people and communities that made me believe firmly that freelancing is a viable option for Filipinos. This is the reason why I aim to champion the Filipino Freelancer.

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Rhea Buenavista

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