Meet your Keynote Speakers for Freelancer Forum PH

The Freelancer Forum Year 2 is just around the corner! This is a time of the year we get to meet co-freelancers and hear inspiring success stories of financial and corporate independence. Not only that, we get to mingle with people of different businesses and company, roles and positions, skills and potentials, but with the same idea of a work-life balance.


We do not want this opportunity wasted, do we? So now, we are ecstatic and excited to announce our very inspiring and influential keynote speakers for this year! Individuals of different background, experiences, and stories that will surely get our attention and ideals on track.


Christian San Jose

Christian San Jose

Working with icons such as Kobe Bryant, Usain Bolt and Usher, or big brands like Nike, Adidas and Mitsubishi, it is impossible not to get noticed. And with that popularity comes the pressure of publicity. Christian San Jose, a fellow Pinoy freelancer soared to great heights in that aspect. More than just traffic and a user friendly design, he had built a name in the field of web design and development by owning the world wide web for these superstars.


Christian had been freelancing for quite a time already, founding his own design and digital agency All these achievements were not a spur of the moment kind of thing, but a product of long time passion and perseverance. Work kept coming one after another following the biggest break in his career, that is, having Kobe Bryant, THE Kobe Bryant, as a client. He was able to work alongside the industry giants, by never giving up trying and learning and exceeding. Get a glimpse of his success story here.


If you’re an aspiring designer or a creative who wants to level up, don’t miss Christian’s talk Freelancer to Sought After Hollywood Web Designer. Register here.


Michael Brooks

Michael Brooks

Michael is an entrepreneur, professor, author and self-made businessman, founding the popular freelancing platform goLance. But prior to that, before we could ever hear nor use his system, he was a little child passionate with business, selling candies on school and making friends in return. Before starting the million dollar company, Michael was a founder and president of an electronic payment company with a revenue built to $250k a month within six months.


He deeply believed in the principle of, as quoted “The difference between the rich, the poor and the middle class is what they do in spare time.” For Michael, the opportunities are limitless, only if people spread their horizon, investing on their free time. Get to know more of Michael from one of his podcast interviews here.


Grab the chance to hear How Filipinos can Dominate the Gig Economy from the expert himself! Sign up today.

Mike Grogan

Mike Grogan

With just two years living in the country, Mike already saw the potential of the Filipinos. He is of Irish blood and he had already traveled to over 30 countries, however, there is something very special with us Pinoys that he just couldn’t get his mind off. Mike was a best selling actor of the book The Rise of the Pinoy: 7 Powerful Lessons of Success from 21 World-Class Filipinos.


Aside from that, he is also a well known expert on Lean Management, being the first to bring the practices to healthcare in east Africa. He has a Chemical Engineering degree in University of Dublin, and is a Six Sigma black belter. Learn more about Mike in this interview.


Realize your worth as Mike speaks about Why He Believes in the Genius of Pinoy on Freelancing Forum PH Year 2!



It is encouraging and much inspiring to meet individuals who succeed in the same journey we chose, with the same passion we pursued. Meeting them – and not only hearing or reading about them – is an opportunity we wouldn’t want to miss. Let victory come running after you! Sign up on our event today!


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