[Infographics] 2016 Annual Freelancer Report

At Freelancing.ph, we pride ourselves that in all that we do, we base it on the freelancers’ voice. We pioneered in publishing Freelancer Salary Reports for 2015 and 2016. Now to start 2017 right, we surveyed 120 Filipino freelancers to help us craft the first Freelancer Annual Report for the Philippines.




This aims to:

  • Set the landscape for the freelancing industry in the Philippines
  • Understand trends that might help shape one’s online career
  • Serve as a benchmark for demographics, job specializations and rates


Before revealing the results, we wish to thank the respondents for contributing to this report. I also want to credit a key person who generously devoted his creativity and time in transforming our data to a great and informative infographic. Thank you, Richard Fabre! You may visit his website for your graphic design needs.


We hope that this annual report will enlighten aspiring Filipinos and motivate our freelancers to reach their individual goals. May we all be inspired to enhance our skills and charge more competitively. Remember:


“A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Freelancer Demographics

Where is your place of residence?

About half of our respondents are from the Greater Manila Area. Cavite is a far second followed by minimal representations in key urban cities nationwide.

Freelancer Demographics


What is your age range?

Our highest population belong to 25-34 years old age range. The next older set posted as another significant chunk of our freelancers.

Freelancer Age Range



What is your gender?

Note that it is possible that males are less receptive to answering surveys. For now, we can see that freelancers are predominantly females.

 Freelancer Gender

All About Freelancing


Do you have an active online contract?

Majority of our respondents have an ongoing contract.

Freelancer Active contract


How long have you been doing online work?

The Freelancing.ph community are composed of tenured freelancers working on an average of 3-4 years followed closely by 7 years and above.

Freelancer Tenure


Where do you get majority of your active contracts?

Apart from Upwork, we have a lot of freelancers working directly with clients. OnlineJobs.ph comes in a far third.

Freelancer Platforms


What’s your current job field?

As expected, General Virtual Assistant are the most popular niche. To complete the top 5 specializations are Content Writing/Strategy (13%), Digital Marketing including SEO, PPC, Email, Social Media (11%), Web Development and UI (10%), Customer Support (9%).


Freelancer Salary Rates [As of January 2017]

This is an updated salary survey from the freelancing community. The last one was conducted in June 2016 while the latest results below were based from Jan 3, 2017 survey.


 For Content Editor/Strategist: Approximately how much is your hourly rate?

Content Editors/strategists are involved in defining, developing and maintaining writing style, assigning and tracking new content development.


For Content Writer: How much is your average rate per 500-word article?

Content or Article Writers provide write ups for blogs, white papers, reviews, e-commerce platforms and other mediums.


For Customer Support: Approximately how much is your hourly rate?

Customer Support jobs come in the form of calls, emails, and/or live chat.


For Data Entry Specialist: Approximately how much is your hourly rate?

Data Entry Specialists deal with a lot of web research and translating them to readable reports.

For Digital Marketing Strategist: Approximately how much is your hourly rate?

Digital Marketing Strategists offer Online Marketing services such as Social Media marketing, PPC, Analytics and the likes.


For General Virtual Assistant: Approximately how much is your hourly rate?

General VA offer a wide range of services including (but not limited to) schedule management, email drafting and management, social media, data entry and web research. 


For Graphics/Visual Artist: Approximately how much is your average rate for an A-4 sized infographic?

We asked graphic designers what their rates are for an A-4 sized infographic. Other design requirements include creating unique images for products and services and developing graphics and visual or audio images for product illustrations, logos, and websites.


For Social Media Manager: Approximately how much is your hourly rate?

Social Media Manager’s main responsibilities include maintenance and monitoring of social media presence, use of various analytical tools, answering online queries and generating promotional content for the business.


For Technical Support: Approximately how much is your hourly rate?

Similar to Customer Service reps, this segment specializes on IT infrastructures and set up.


For Web Developer: Approximately how much is your hourly rate?

Web developers write programming codes either from scratch or via a platform to build stunning websites or web services.


For Web/Mobile Designer (UI/UX): Approximately how much is your hourly rate?

UI/UX designers specialize in the layout and usability of web assets.

Freelancer Rates Per Category

This table summarizes the average salary ranges for each job specialization. Data is based on actual survey responses. We calculated a monthly earning by using a 40-hour work schedule per week. The exceptions are indicated under Fixed column. ($1 = P49)

Freelancer Salary Rates



Freelancer Annual Report Summary Infographic

In a nutshell, here’s the state of Freelancing in the Philippines for 2016. We’ll update the report by the end of the year. Feel free to share and embed on your website!


2016 Freelancer Annual Report Infographic

Do you agree with the results of the annual report? Leave your comments below!


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