A Client’s Perspective: How to Succeed as a Virtual Assistant

[Video Blog] Kelsey Jones, Executive Editor at Search Engine Journal (SEJ) and CEO of MoxieDot, graced us with an interview to talk about her experience working with a Virtual Assistant (VA). MoxieDot is her Digital Marketing agency where she relies on her VA to get projects moving while SEJ is composed of a fully distributed/remote team.

Side note: I am privileged to have her as a guest since she used to be my boss at SEJ (Thanks Kels!). 🙂


In this video interview, we will cover:

  • A rundown of tasks she delegates to her Virtual Assistant
  • Top 3 most important traits she looks for when hiring a VA
  • Tips on what would help applicants standout
  • Red flags that should be avoided by potential candidates
  • Situations that lead to ending relationship with her VA
  • What would make a VA invaluable
  • Tips for freelancers wanting to land a long term job in Digital Marketing


Learn more about the winning traits she’s after and how VAs earn her trust as a client in the video below.


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Key Takeaways:

  • Timeliness is very important in a remote setup. Missing the deadline snowballs to your client’s dissatisfied customers, which is a big no-no.
  • Good writing and language skills. Checkout Everybody Writes by Ann Handley
  • Proactively suggest process improvements. Most clients appreciate looking for ways to improve the business. Be positive and responsive.
  • Be educated about marketing. Build an an online portfolio and gather client testimonials.


You can connect with Kelsey on Twitter or via her email.


Who would you like us to interview next? Comment your suggestion below! 🙂

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