A Freelancer’s Guide: Getting to Know PayPal

PayPal has been named as one of the fastest, easiest and most popular options to receive online payments in the world. This American company, if some of you haven’t heard or isn’t very much familiar with yet, provides an electronic payment system famously used as alternative with bank money transfer method.


Funds transferred using PayPal are credited to the recipients’ account for a fee more or less 3.4%. The system is commonly used for online purchases and international payment merely by a click. Because of the convenience, freelancers around the globe use the PayPal service as a good, if not the best, option to receive earnings from international clients.


Fortunately, most freelancing sites are supporting the PayPal payment method. Freelancing Philippines tallied the most frequently asked questions, and summarized responses you can check out below:

Question #1: How do I setup a PayPal account?

Of course. Before you can shop, sell, send or receive payments, you’ve got to have an account. Getting all set up on PayPal is fairly easy, but first, you should know which account should you use: Personal or Business. No worries, both accounts are offered free of charge.


As online approaches to gaining profit expands to its full potential, PayPal already advanced its step by offering a personal and business accounts. To differentiate the two, Personal PayPal account merely refers to individual use, for safe fund transfer and purchasing purposes. The Business PayPal account on the other hand, is ideal for online merchants and other business entities. Considering that definition, business accounts boasts its convenient option of accepting payments minus the excess credit card processing expenses. In addition to that, online invoicing and virtual terminal processing are included as well, a very good option for sellers on the web. However, note that signing up for a business account requires additional detail such as your SSN, and a defined business type you’re running. For this post, we’ll just focus on setting up a Personal account.


As mentioned above, setting up an account requires a working email. To start, navigate to the PayPal Philippines website and click on the Personal Account Getting Started link.

Freelancing PH - PayPal Setup


The Get Started button will direct you to the sign up page from which you can provide unique account details that is an email address and password (Tip: Use a strong password, as much as possible)


Freelancing PH - PayPal


Continue filling out required details then click on Agree and Create Account button.


Freelancing PH - PayPal


All done!


Freelancing PH - PayPal


Question #2: How do I set up my PayPal account on Upwork?

Upwork is considered as one of the freelancing platforms with the highest number of Filipino accounts registered. Aside from Local Funds transfer, it uses PayPal as a very convenient method of getting its freelancers paid. To set your account up and running on Upwork, go to Profile settings and navigate to the Get Paid section.


Freelancing PH - PayPal on Upwork

Click on the Add a payment method link and choose PayPal from the list.

 Freelancing PH - PayPal on Upwork

Verify correct PayPal account as automatically generated by the Upwork system as both accounts should use the same email address. Finish set up by clicking on Add this account button. Payment method should be active in 3 days.

Freelancing PH - PayPal on Upwork

Payments made using this method will be reflected on your PayPal account on a maximum of 24 hours. To do so, choose PayPal upon funds withdrawal. A corresponding fee of $1 will be deducted from the total amount to be withdrawn.

Question #3: How do I send or request payment on PayPal?

Sending and receiving payments over PayPal is probably the easiest. Both can be arranged by navigating to the Send and Request Payments tab on your PayPal account.


Freelancing PH - Sending and Receiving Payment on PayPal


Transferring payments to other accounts can be done by choosing Send money to friends and family option. Just fill in a valid recipient email address, then the amount. Click on Continue.


Freelancing PH -Send payment on PayPal


Freelancing PH - Sending Payment on PayPal


Requesting for payment on the other hand, can be done by choosing Request a Payment option, and filling in sender’s email address and amount.


Freelancing PH - Requesting Payment on PayPal


Freelancing PH - Request Payment on PayPal

Question #4: How long does it take for the money transferred from my PayPal account to reach my bank account?

Due to differences on bank accounts linked to the system, payments from PayPal to the local banks are expected on a varying period. Please see below table fore reference. Data were gathered and compared both from users’ personal accounts and from the banks’ websites/references.


PayPal to Bank     *Eastwest – No information available on their site

Question #5: How much does PayPal to PayPal transaction fee cost?

The best thing about using PayPal is that you get to send and payments – free of charge! Well, under specific rules of course. Personal money transfer using PayPal balance or bank accounts comes with zero transfer fees. Use of debit or credit cards however, is charged at 3.4% + €0.35 EUR. Getting paid for purchases (applicable to online merchants) comes with an additional 1.9% to 3.4% + €0.35 EUR on top of the cost. A full list of PayPal fees can be found here.


Question #6 and #7: How do I link PayPal with my EON card and how much will the withdrawal fee be?


Freelancing PH - Eon PayPal


The easiest way to encash funds on PayPal is through the Union bank EON Card. Linking accounts are pretty much easy, you just need to follow few steps and you’re done. However, in order to do so, note that the card should not be expired. On PayPal’s profile page, enter the required details of the card under Add/Edit Credit Card. Card confirmation has a refundable charge of $2, so ensure that the card has at least such balance amount, then click on Confirm My card. Log on to the EON online account and check the 4-digit code to be used for PayPal verification, found in the transactions listed under Deposit Accounts. Going back to the PayPal page, enter the 4-digit verification code on profile. Verification codes are sent within 1-3 days while the $2 charge is refunded within 24 hours after verification.

Withdrawals with amount up to P6,999 will have a transaction fee of P50, above that is totally free of charge.


Using PayPal as your primary payment method is fairly easy, convenient, and reliable – as most would probably agree. Online support are available as well, so issues are likely to be resolved in a timely manner.


Got questions or beneficial information regarding PayPal? Share it with us!

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