Freelancer Spotlight: Liberty A. Baldovino’s #MyPayoneerStory

Concluding our #MyPayoneerStory series is none other than our grand prize winner, Liberty Baldovino. Just recently, she was also featured in the prime time news program of one of the biggest broadcasting network in the country. Read on and be inspired by this Youthful Granny VA who proves that age is nothing but a number.



I was a teacher before I became a freelancer. I learned to use the computer at 42; joined the freelance bandwagon at 46; resigned from my teaching post at 48; competed with millenials; upgraded my skills; shifted careers; created a brand for myself, a website, and a Facebook group. Now, together with my friends, we organize small events where freelancers, both newbies and veterans, can learn from experts at prices they can afford.


Why am I doing all these?


In ten years or so, my sight will not be as clear; my fingers will not type as fast, and my mind might not be as creative as it is now. So while I still have all my senses intact, I want to leave a legacy. Before I shut down my computer for the last time, I want to see my fellow Pinoy freelancers competing and succeeding globally.


But maintaining a blog; several social media accounts; joining worthwhile events; and upgrading my skills needed funds. Initially, I spent from my own pocket, which obviously reduced my retirement savings – until Payoneer came along.


Payoneer’s incentives for joining and using it for online transactions were a blessing. I got $175 for free! Combined with the extra money I get from Payoneer’s higher exchange rate, I now have the means to pursue my passion projects!


Through Payoneer, not only my freelancing career has taken off. It has also given me extra funds for helping my fellow freelancers compete and achieve globally.

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How has Payoneer helped you in your career? Let us know in the comments!

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