Freelancer Spotlight: Glynis J. Belaguin’s #MyPayoneerStory

This week our #MyPayoneerStory features a freelancer who met a health problem in her corporate career. Later on, she realized her challenges turned into a blessing. Can you relate? Glynis J. Belaguin, tells all.



I will celebrate my 2nd anniversary as a freelancer this February. I never thought that working at home while staying with my kids is possible and that I can withdraw and get my earnings at the same day.


Back in 2014, I was part of a company in Laguna for 6 years but unfortunately, I was diagnosed with a back problem. I could no longer sit for a time. I was working at home since 2012 because of my back problem. It was more flexible to be at home since I don’t get to sit most of the time. My boss in the US was so kind to allow me that set up. But the company did not allow me to work from home anymore because it was made a company policy that everyone has to go to the office. They had me checked under a city health officer to confirm that I can’t work in the office. The company gave a medical separation package and I was worried – what will life be after once my savings are gone.

Glynis Belaguin My Payoneer Story



I was looking for work from all freelancing websites. After searching for three months, I finally got a contract. That contract is still the same contract I have now. Before I used local fund transfer to get my pay but since Payoneer was introduced, i never looked back and used LFT. I even recommended Payoneer to two of my freelancing friends and they are now transferring through it. I withdraw in the morning and have the money in my bank account in the evening.


Having a problem can open doors. Now I am enjoying time here at home with my toddlers plus earning at the same time.

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How has Payoneer helped you in your career? Stay tuned for the next Freelancer Spotlight next week!

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