Freelancer Spotlight: Gel Niñofranco’s #MyPayoneerStory

Freelancer Spotlight is back! A big thanks to our partner, Payoneer, for hosting #MyPayoneerStory competition last month. We received a lot of interesting and inspiring freelancer stories and it was really hard to pick the winners. Rebecca Jacobs, Payoneer’s* Community Manager, personally helped in the process and we announced it live. Now, be inspired with one of our winner’s encouraging story. Meet Gel Niñofranco, a work at home mom.



Freelancer Spotlight: Gel Ninofranco

Leaving the corporate world proved to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life as it paved the way for me to discover online freelancing. It gave me an opportunity to earn good money at the comfort of my home while also being able to look after my growing daughter during her formative years. My little one is now 27 months old and online freelancing has become my bread and butter.


It’s not always cupcakes and rainbows, though. As with any career, freelancing also comes with many challenges. In my three years as a freelancer, I’ve had my fair share of similar encounters that have brought me great anxiety and stress. I’ve experienced scrambling to look for new projects because an old one was about to end, waiting anxiously for my freelancing earnings to reflect on my bank account because I had bills due to be paid that day, not being able to work and consequently not being able to earn because my little one is sick, and so forth.


Then again, I realized that despite the uncertainties of pursuing an online freelancing career, I would still choose it over any other career as it gives me the time and financial freedom that I wouldn’t probably have if I was working somewhere else. If there’s anything constant in freelancing, it’s that nothing is guaranteed or permanent. Contracts, clients and projects all come and go. Therefore, it’s always better to be prepared and have a backup plan.


One thing I also realized is that it’s a great time to be a freelancer nowadays because there are many tools and platforms that enable us to enjoy an optimal freelancing career. They let us focus on doing quality work by providing hassle-free and cost-effective services that will not leave us with a headache. Payoneer does exactly that.Freelancer Spotlight: Gel Ninofranco


I’ve only been using Payoneer for five months but I’m really impressed and satisfied with how they give value to Filipino freelancers like me. Payments and earnings are somewhat sensitive matters for us Filipino freelancers. And why not? We worked very hard for it and experiencing remittance delays make most of us worried and restless. Payoneer’s fast, secure and low-cost payment platform offers a seamless experience that I’ve never encountered with any other online payment platform before. Payoneer lets me benefit more from every dollar that I’ve worked hard for because of their high conversion rates. And, need I say more about their fast and reliable turnaround times? I was super amazed during my first payment transfer because I received the money in my bank account within 24 hours. Who can top that?


Thanks to Payoneer for taking one less worry away from this full-time WAHM’s mind. The freelancing world is full of uncertainties but I’m positive that Payoneer will be a constant partner in making my life more convenient and stress-free.

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How has Payoneer helped you in your career? Stay tuned for the next Freelancer Spotlight next week!

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