Freelance Blend Covers AMA at Freelancer Forum PH

We’re privileged that an industry friend covered the Ask Me Anything session during the Freelancer Forum PH last October 22, 2016. The podcast features the most pressing issues our freelancers are struggling with. Thanks to our world-class speaker line up who shared their wisdom and experiences in tackling these challenges.


If you missed the event, here’s your chance to listen to the Q&A. Check out the podcast and transcription below. Thanks again Marv De Leon and Freelance Blend!


Listen: Freelance Blend Episode 126


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1. What other benefits do you get aside from pay and flexibility?

Michael Brooks:

It depends on what works for you, right? if you have a good corporate show up 9 to 5 and your happy and its working for you..I say, great! Keep it and in your spare time build your digital reputation, and if you’re up for work, work a few hours after hours, build your reputation, work as many people as you can and make as much people happy as you can – and that will give you an element of security.

If anything happens with the corporate job, it gives you something to lean back-on and that’s gonna serve you very well in the future and if not, it gave you some extra money and it made some people very happy. That’s a win-win situation.

2. What are the challenges in freelancing?

Christian San Jose:

  • Competing and working with everyone else
  • Getting your name out there
  • Learning skills to set yourself apart
  • You just have to do no one has ever done

3. What are your tips on how to ask your client for something or for an increase?

Michael Brooks:

Don’t pose it as asking for an increase, pose the question as “Mr. ____, I really love working here and I love the work I’m contributing. Is there a way for me to grow in the company? Is there some additional work that I can do so I can earn some type of bonus or increase? Because I love working here so I can grow myself.”


4. What do you think are the biggest problems (Filipinos) people have that are preventing them from being freelancer? What do you think that needs to be done to break the wall to introduce full time people to freelancing?

Christian San Jose:

There’s a stigma on how freelancers are viewed:

  • Unreliable
  • Biglang nawawala

You want to break this wall that were reliable that we can do better work than everyone else, or we can offer more because they were more flexible, we want to be perceived as that.


What I did was separate myself from my personal self as being a freelancer and made it into a company. I registered as a company as a sole proprietor and that separated me from other freelancers and that made me more reliable or looked serious and that removes the connotations of being a freelancer that they’re unreliable, You’re paying your taxes your doing. What needs to be done so that they trust your more.


It gave me a lot of opportunity that when they’re approaching me they’re not just approaching a guy but they’re approaching an entity so that would be my template. Doing taxes give you benefits, people treat you better, like your approaching it in another level, that would set me apart from another freelancers.

Mike Grogan:

One thing holding back Filipinos in freelancing, false belief. A lot of Filipinos has a belief that if you’re not working in a big company you’re strange.

The Filipinos freelancer needs two things:

  • Inspiration and Empowerment
  • Learn faster than everyone else

Do those two thing everyday that would give you the edge, and your own family would understand why you’re doing this.


5. What’s the barrier between unsuccessful freelancer and getting work, and living the life they want?

Michael Brooks:

There’s no connection with the human experience. How do you humanize yourself? How do you breakdown the mindset of the expectation of the person whose posting?. How do you get inside their head and say, “My Employer it is my intention to create exactly what you want or better at a great value and that’s where I think people are starting to go, the challenge is that people who start out they kind apply they check things out they don’t get a job right away and its self defeating and they feel that something wrong with them, there’s none. There’s all kinds of things to consider on choosing one over the another.


The jobs are out there the work is out there, but the more you can do and the more committed you are to showing your value, whether its building your own blog site, collecting your own testimonial, making your own video, telling a joke whatever you can do to create the perception of “Hey this is who I am as a human” just stick with it and keep knocking at those doors.
Focusing, targeting the message and knowing who you are and getting that message out to the person you want to get it to, that’s gonna give you your best shot. The more you practice, the more you apply the greater the chance that you’re gonna find that deal that’s gonna be right for you.


6. How can you market yourself when most of your past job details are confidential?

Christian San Jose:

  • What I’m doing is creating case studies that are more or less the same work I do for clients but more towards what I want to do
  • Do sample work
  • Do what you would do if you had no restrictions.

What’s your greatest challenge as a freelancer? Comment below and we’ll answer them!


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