Freelancer Spotlight: Liberty A. Baldovino’s #MyPayoneerStory

Concluding our #MyPayoneerStory series is none other than our grand prize winner, Liberty Baldovino. Just recently, she was also featured in the prime time news program of one of the biggest broadcasting network in the country. Read on and be inspired by this Youthful Granny VA who proves that age is nothing but a number.



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Freelancer Spotlight: Glynis J. Belaguin’s #MyPayoneerStory

This week our #MyPayoneerStory features a freelancer who met a health problem in her corporate career. Later on, she realized her challenges turned into a blessing. Can you relate? Glynis J. Belaguin, tells all.


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Freelancer Spotlight: Gel Niñofranco’s #MyPayoneerStory

Freelancer Spotlight is back! A big thanks to our partner, Payoneer, for hosting #MyPayoneerStory competition last month. We received a lot of interesting and inspiring freelancer stories and it was really hard to pick the winners. Rebecca Jacobs, Payoneer’s* Community Manager, personally helped in the process and we announced it live. Now, be inspired with one of our winner’s encouraging story. Meet Gel Niñofranco, a work at home mom.



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Payoneer Interview Series: Getting Started as a Freelancer

As a freelancing advocate, I take interview opportunities seriously. I feel it’s my own little way of reaching out to someone who might be losing hope or struggling to make ends meet. If I can inspire just one reader, then I’ve done my job.


Sharing my latest interview in collaboration with Payoneer*. I talked about how I got started, what my normal work day is like, and some advice to fellow freelancers. Forward to a friend who might need a little career push.


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Looking Past the Screen: An Interview with Rhea Guntalilib

Freelancers from different background, skills and passion are becoming even more popular in the country. Various communities aiming to spread online entrepreneurial awareness serves as one of the encouragement on our endeavours.

Read More The Platform for Freelancing Juans

One of the most awaited highlights during the upcoming Freelancing Forum Year 2 is the very first job fair for freelancers. Various platforms will be joining for such rare event as this (never gonna miss it! You shouldn’t too!). A prominent sponsoring company who will be joining the job fair on the day, is the platform very Pinoy at heart,

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What Freelancers Need to Know About goLance

As Freelancing Forum PH Year 2 comes close, we are privileged to have goLance, the well known freelancing platform to be joining us. To give us a glimpse of the respected company, here are some Q&A’s that’ll surely help us aspirants!

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A Client’s Perspective: How to Succeed as a Virtual Assistant

[Video Blog] Kelsey Jones, Executive Editor at Search Engine Journal (SEJ) and CEO of MoxieDot, graced us with an interview to talk about her experience working with a Virtual Assistant (VA). MoxieDot is her Digital Marketing agency where she relies on her VA to get projects moving while SEJ is composed of a fully distributed/remote team.

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Kristel Cuenta: How to Manage Social Media Campaigns Like a Pro

You’re in for a treat. This has to be the most amusing Freelancer Spotlight interview I have done by far. Sooner, you’ll understand why. 🙂 Kristel Cuenta or Kit as she is fondly called was my pseudo officemate a couple of years back when I was still working with SEJ. She was a contributor and was working for one of the partner’s companies. I was and still am blown away by her incredible skills in Facebook, Reddit and other social media platforms. I still hope that one day I can invite her to our upcoming events. Meanwhile, enjoy great project management and social media tips straight from the mouth of Kit.

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The Art of Being a User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) Designer

You’ll often encounter the buzzword “UI/UX Design” online. If you or your client’s business is web-based or SaaS, you’ll most likely need the expertise of a User Interface/User Experience Designer. It only follows that these experts are most sought after in the freelance world. In this week’s Freelancer Spotlight, we are privileged to have Vicente Latag Jr. discuss what it takes to be a freelance UI/UX Designer.

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