How to Secure an HMO as a Freelancer

An HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) coverage is one of the things I miss as a freelancer. As a corporate employee for nearly a decade, health insurance was a staple benefit. Fast forward to 2012 when I shifted to freelancing, I lost my coverage. I was fortunate that my husband was still employed; naturally, his coverage extended to me. All that changed when the hubby decided to work from home early this year. Now with two kids, I can’t stress enough how this little card can be of extreme importance. To put it bluntly, it saves us a lot of money with all the monthly check ups coming our way.  While there are some companies and agencies like MyOutDesk and Balsam Brands offering health insurance to their freelancers, majority of clients (like mine) stick to monetary compensation. This post is a documentation of my hunt to secure health insurance for my family. Hope this guide will help decide if you need one too.

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