The Art of Being a User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) Designer

You’ll often encounter the buzzword “UI/UX Design” online. If you or your client’s business is web-based or SaaS, you’ll most likely need the expertise of a User Interface/User Experience Designer. It only follows that these experts are most sought after in the freelance world. In this week’s Freelancer Spotlight, we are privileged to have Vicente Latag Jr. discuss what it takes to be a freelance UI/UX Designer.

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Discovering How Canva Can Help Freelancers [Webinar Recap]

Last June 5, was privileged to have Canva’s Country Manager for a sponsored webinar about design hacks for Freelancers. Kei San Pablo also started her career as a freelancer way back 2009 in the hopes of saving enough money for med school. She started working as a digital marketer and was able to put up her team of Virtual Assistants. In 2014, she met Cliff (the Founder and COO of Canva) via Twitter and the rest is history.

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Why Canva Is A Must-Have Tool For Freelancers

[INTERVIEW SERIES] Hey everyone! I’m back with another interview. I’m super excited because this time, I got to speak with Canva’s Head of Education Partnership, Hannah Field. First and foremost, I LOVE CANVA. I have limited Photoshop skills, that’s why Canva is my go-to app for all my design needs. Most of the graphics on this post (except for the screenshots) are made in Canva. It’s every freelancer’s dream app and I’ll let Hannah tell you why.

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