BIR Requirements Every Filipino Freelancer Should Know

Tax, a dreaded word, especially among freelancers. Last Nov 25, in a #CoffeeBreakSession, we decided to conquer our fears and face it head on. We invited Mark Ong, Chief Financial Officer of Taxumo, to answer the common tax-related questions we get from the freelancing community. And as requested, we are turning this Ask Me Anything session as a resource page for you. Bookmark this, save this, share this.

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How to Start a Freelancer Website from Scratch

Having your own website is a proven way to get client leads because it helps with your reputation. In the world of online work, image is everything. You’ll need a place to sell yourself and showcase your experience. However, building a website may sound scary or intimidating. Don’t worry, you wouldn’t need to learn how to code in order to put up one. Whether doing a website for your portfolio or for a client, here’s your ultimate guide on how to do it from scratch.


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PayMaya X Paypal Unite for Freelancers

What is one thing that freelancers struggle with, you ask?


You’ll be surprised that a good number find it hard to apply for their very own credit card. I’m all for maintaining financial health, meaning not spending more than you earn, but there are times when having a credit card comes in handy. Case in point – booking for flights online, hotel reservations, hospital bills and even your monthly groceries. This post will offer a solution or alternative to this common freelancer problem.

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Looking Past the Screen: An Interview with Rhea Guntalilib

Freelancers from different background, skills and passion are becoming even more popular in the country. Various communities aiming to spread online entrepreneurial awareness serves as one of the encouragement on our endeavours.

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Freelancer Forum PH: What Happened in A_SPACE Won’t Stay in A_SPACE

So, the long wait was over. Goodie bags were packed. Sounds checked. Chairs and partners’ booths were already on the spot. Walking photo booth was ready to capture the moment. Welcome to the Freelancer Forum PH Year 2!

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Why Money Matters with Payoneer

As the most-awaited freelancing event of the year comes nearer each day, we are pleased to have been given the chance to get to know our sponsors deeper. Freelancing Forum Philippines, now on Year 2, is looking forward to have the community widen up its network. Freelancers of the same passion and skills; and companies whose platforms have created an impact on our freelancing journey (and success!) all in one roof. Amazing!

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#FreelancerForumPH 2016: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This year’s Freelancer Forum is fast approaching. Do you think you’re all set now? Here we’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you prepare.


Read More The Platform for Freelancing Juans

One of the most awaited highlights during the upcoming Freelancing Forum Year 2 is the very first job fair for freelancers. Various platforms will be joining for such rare event as this (never gonna miss it! You shouldn’t too!). A prominent sponsoring company who will be joining the job fair on the day, is the platform very Pinoy at heart,

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Why MyOutDesk Ain’t Your Ordinary Virtual Assistant Job

Another one we have yet to meet on the most awaited Freelancing Forum PH Year 2, is the growing company founded in 2008, MyOutDesk. While various online job platforms rise significantly over the past few years, this has been established with a little bit of specialization, making it stand out from the rest.

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What Freelancers Need to Know About goLance

As Freelancing Forum PH Year 2 comes close, we are privileged to have goLance, the well known freelancing platform to be joining us. To give us a glimpse of the respected company, here are some Q&A’s that’ll surely help us aspirants!

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