Shayne Zalameda

How to Start a Freelancer Website from Scratch

Having your own website is a proven way to get client leads because it helps with your reputation. In the world of online work, image is everything. You’ll need a place to sell yourself and showcase your experience. However, building a website may sound scary or intimidating. Don’t worry, you wouldn’t need to learn how to code in order to put up one. Whether doing a website for your portfolio or for a client, here’s your ultimate guide on how to do it from scratch.


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#FreelancerForumPH 2016: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This year’s Freelancer Forum is fast approaching. Do you think you’re all set now? Here we’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you prepare.


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9 Ways to Deal with Unresponsive Clients

Freelancing has its ups and downs. One way or another, we are bound to encounter clients who are less than ideal, someone who will make communication difficult, whether on purpose or not.


Now if you encounter one, what will you do?

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43 Best Freelancing Websites to Earn Money Online

Have you been dreaming about working from home, leaving your nine to five job, and doing work whenever, wherever you want? Maybe freelancing is for you.


And today, you’re in luck because we are letting you in on our little secret: here, we’ve compiled 43 of our favorite websites that will help you make money online.

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