Robert James

Why High Rates is Not Equal to No Work

People have the misconception that high rates translate to fewer job opportunities. While there is definitely truth to that in any freelance industry, you cannot discount the fact that you can thrive even with a rate that is five times higher than the average competitor’s.


What if I told you I get more WORK now – to the point that I’m turning them down or recommending others – that my rate is almost 8x higher than when I started three years ago?

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Rates and How Not to Sell Yourself Short [A Writer’s Perspective]

A Guest Post by Robert James.

Imagine you are a new freelancer and you’re testing the waters of the online freelancing world.


You take with you nothing but what the brick and mortar world has given. You go on a search for your first ever client, applying to virtually every job you think your skills are good for. It takes a lot of waiting and you wonder if any of your applications reached their destination. 


It all seemed hopeless until you are greeted by an email the next morning with one client, out of the hundreds who never replied, asking you for an interview. You excitedly agree, set the schedule, give him your Skype or whatever form of communication you prefer, and wait for their call.


Let’s say you and the client discussed the project thoroughly to the tiniest details. You know you can ace this project with an unbelievable turnaround time and the client is impressed by your wits, skills, and experience. They say “Yes” and you say “Thank You” but then this question comes up: “How much?

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