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[VIDEO] Valuable Freelancing Lessons I Learned from the South Meetup


“A community is a group of people who share an interest in your passion and who come together to discuss, debate and share views on the subject matter.” – Gary Vee., Crush it!

We did it! We had three simultaneous meetups for the community last Saturday, Feb 25th. There’s one more event this Saturday, March 4, happening at 47 East Co-Working Space in QC. I promise you it will be worth your time. I’m not saying it because I’m organizing but because I was there and I left the place with valuable insights and strengthened relationships.

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[Infographics] 2016 Annual Freelancer Report

At, we pride ourselves that in all that we do, we base it on the freelancers’ voice. We pioneered in publishing Freelancer Salary Reports for 2015 and 2016. Now to start 2017 right, we surveyed 120 Filipino freelancers to help us craft the first Freelancer Annual Report for the Philippines.

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Payoneer Interview Series: Getting Started as a Freelancer

As a freelancing advocate, I take interview opportunities seriously. I feel it’s my own little way of reaching out to someone who might be losing hope or struggling to make ends meet. If I can inspire just one reader, then I’ve done my job.


Sharing my latest interview in collaboration with Payoneer*. I talked about how I got started, what my normal work day is like, and some advice to fellow freelancers. Forward to a friend who might need a little career push.


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Share your Freelancing Story, Win $50 on Payoneer!

Hello freelancing community!


We’re welcoming 2017 with a fantastic giveaway. Our long-time industry friend, Payoneer, is partnering with us once again for an exciting competition. The mechanics of #MyPayoneerStory are simple. All we want is to hear your freelancing story. Are you ready?


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[Survey]: 2016 Annual Freelancer Report

Welcome 2017! It’s a brand new year. In our mission to be the main go-to resource for Filipino Freelancers, we will be publishing an annual report. This will help us understand how we are positioned in the freelancing industry and serve as a benchmark for the coming years.

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BIR Requirements Every Filipino Freelancer Should Know

Tax, a dreaded word, especially among freelancers. Last Nov 25, in a #CoffeeBreakSession, we decided to conquer our fears and face it head on. We invited Mark Ong, Chief Financial Officer of Taxumo, to answer the common tax-related questions we get from the freelancing community. And as requested, we are turning this Ask Me Anything session as a resource page for you. Bookmark this, save this, share this.

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PayMaya X Paypal Unite for Freelancers

What is one thing that freelancers struggle with, you ask?


You’ll be surprised that a good number find it hard to apply for their very own credit card. I’m all for maintaining financial health, meaning not spending more than you earn, but there are times when having a credit card comes in handy. Case in point – booking for flights online, hotel reservations, hospital bills and even your monthly groceries. This post will offer a solution or alternative to this common freelancer problem.

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Payoneer: Making the Most with Lesser Fees

When it comes to freelancing, one may face issues and bucketful of questions regarding the most important subject: payment. Many fund transfer systems and processes were established to cater businesses found and maintained on the virtual world. Local Fund Transfer, PayPal, Payoneer or Skrill, just to name a few. However, with various choices come the next question: which exactly, is the best of them all?

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2016 Pinoy Freelancer Salary Guide

The interview is almost over and it looks positive. Client then asks, “What is your rate?”

Last June 27, conducted its annual freelancer salary survey. Now on its third year, we made the report comprehensive by gathering more respondents and covering more job specializations. To better understand the analysis of the results, here’s a snapshot of our respondents:

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[Video] Coffee Break: How to Cope with Upwork’s Recent Changes

Coffee Break with Admins is a quarterly webinar where we answer your freelancing questions. For this episode, we discussed a very pressing topic. As of this writing, Upwork’s new sliding fee 20%-10%-5% is now in effect. If you’re not sure how to deal with this, make sure to watch the video below.


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