Meet The Team

Catherine is an Upworker herself. Her 11-year marketing experience is a mix of brand management in local companies and marketing consultancy for US and Australian clients.

In 2011, her career was put to a halt due to health reasons. But a year after, she bounced back and dipped her feet in the world of freelancing. Her online career flourished since then. Upwork featured her success story here.

In her free time, she blogs about her marketing experiments at


JuaymahJuay is a resident career adviser of Freelancing Philippines. She started her freelancing career in 2013 offering administrative, marketing and financial services in Upwork.

Prior to working online, she worked at a multinational company for 3 years and taught in college for 2 years, practicing her Electronics Engineering profession.

During her spare time, Juay enjoys spending time with her family and her 16 dogs.


Jay is’s Chief Tech Adviser. He has over a decade of experience developing software. In the past he worked as a Java Developer building solutions for over a dozen multi-national companies. Today, he works mostly on mobile applications (iOS) and open source projects. He blogs at


Our Agency Partners


Fervil Von Tripoli (Mentor)

Fervil Von Tripoli

Social Media and Online Entrepreneurship

Roel Manarang (Adviser)