43 Best Freelancing Websites to Earn Money Online

Have you been dreaming about working from home, leaving your nine to five job, and doing work whenever, wherever you want? Maybe freelancing is for you.


And today, you’re in luck because we are letting you in on our little secret: here, we’ve compiled 43 of our favorite websites that will help you make money online.

End-to-end Business Solutions

1. Upwork

Perhaps the most famous freelancing platform on this list is Upwork (previously Odesk and Elance). Upwork lets you create your online profile, browse through some job openings, and apply. Listings here can vary from graphic designer, virtual assistant, bookkeeping, writer, researcher, web development, programming, to name it and they have it. It may take a while to build a reputation but once you get your first 100 hours, invitation for jobs will start pouring.

2. Freelancer

With over 19 million registered users worldwide and approximately 10 million jobs available, Freelancer is considered to be one of the world’s largest freelancing, outsourcing, and crowdsourcing marketplace. Signing up is as easy as connecting your Facebook account. How’s that for starters?

3. OnlineJobs.ph

OnlineJobs.ph is a local marketplace that lets you post your online portfolio and start applying. There is no limit as to how many jobs you could apply for in a day but there’s an implemented ID Proof that gauges your online score to ensure that you only apply for jobs you are qualified for. The higher your ID Proof is, the better. Also, there’s no commission rate here if ever you bag a job as it is basically just an online advertisement for clients and freelancers alike. Every payment and contract transaction will be settled between you and your client. Worried about the legitimacy of your possible client? You could verify them HERE.

4. Guru

Operated in the US by a set of diverse nationalities, Guru stands out from the rest because of its personal touch, with founder and employees’ faces being available on their about page. Signing up is possible through your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google Plus accounts. To add a more personalized vibe, you could also add testimonials from your previous clients here for all the future clients to see.

5. Raket.ph

While most job sites offer a space to highlight a job opening, Raket.ph operates the other way around. In Raket.ph, it is the freelancer’s turn to showcase his or her portfolio, customer reviews, and budget. Then, the employer will be the one doing the browsing and contacting of prospect freelancer. Most jobs here can be done remotely, but there are also a few which can be accomplished offline (like photography, tutoring, hosting, etc.).

6-7. 199jobs, Fiverr

199jobs and Fiverr are platforms that lets you sell products or services for a minimum price of $5. It could be as simple as creating a logo to as creative as someone creating a catchy jingle for you. There are odd and wild jobs here, too. The possibilities are endless.

8. Truelancer

From the root word “true” and “freelancer,” Truelancer is a a three year old international platform which aims to build a community of trusted freelancers. Here, you clients could opt to post a job as a contest and let the freelancers apply by submitting their works. If the client likes your submission, then you’ll “win” and get paid.

9. Golance*

Another relatively new platform is Golance. The upside of this platform is you could easily shift from employer to freelancer or vice versa. Their interface is user friendly, making hiring or finding a job, easy. Also, good news is that their service rate is low at 10% as compared to Upwork’s 20%.

*Full disclosure:affiliate link

10. PeoplePerHour

Founded in 2005, PeoplePerHour is a UK based company that lets you submit proposals for freelance jobs worldwide but with a focus on US and UK market.

graphic design

Graphic Design

11-16. MarketEnvato99designsSociety6, Threadless, Redbubble, CafePress

Want some challenge? Why not try designing t-shirts, mugs, websites, coffee table. These websites allows freelancers to see what their peers are up to, view their designs and possibly get some inspiration, too.

17. MyFonts

Got the skills to create a unique and practical typeface? Why not sell it to MyFonts? Who knows, one day your typeface may just be the next Arial or Times New Roman.


Virtual Assistance

18-24. Virtual Staff Finder, Task Bullet, Remote Workmate, Virtual Done Well, Pepper Virtual Assistant, Virtual Coworker, 365 Virtual Assistant

If you think you could handle social media accounts, data entry, copywriting, link building, calendar scheduling, administrative tasks, take care of errands, and perhaps even think of ways to minimize a process, then maybe being a Virtual Assistant (VA) would suit you. The usual starting hourly rate for a VA is $3 and it could go as high as $15 or even more, depending on your skills.

25. My OutDesk

This platform specializes in offering real estate virtual assistance to real estate agents in the US and Canada. So if you are a person with background in sales, then you could try My Outdesk.


26-27. Rarejob, 51Talk

If teaching is your passion, perhaps you could give online teaching a try? In Rarejob, the students you will be handling are Japanese. As for 51Talk, the students are Chinese. Both are good paying sites especially if you are full time.

28-29. Skillshare, Udemy

Got a knack for teaching through the use of videos? Then Skillshare and Udemy might be for you. These two platforms offer online classes wherein you could teach your expertise. Yoga? Coding? Web Design? Photoshop? Surely you could share a thing or two in these sites!

freelancing websites to earn money online


30-33. Gengo, Transperfect, Proz, Textmaster

Are you the kind of person who loves the art of languages? Maybe you could share your skills on translating a few phrases, documents, scripts, or sometimes even books. These sites could be your best friend.



34-38. QuicktateRev.comSpeechpadTranscribe MeAppen

Pay in transcription could range from $15 to $40 or more, depending on the project. Usually, the client will require you to take a free test first to see if you’re a fit. And if you do, then you might just have scored yourself a long term client. Want to know if transcribing is for you? Read here.

writing freelance online


39-43. ContentMart, TextbrokerJobs.ProbloggerConstant-Content, Essays.Ph

This job can vary from technical, to blog writing, to manual documentation, to ghostwriting but it pays well. It can be a daunting task to get your first few clients, especially since the competition is tough in the writing industry, with others offering insanely cheap labor but just try and try, sooner or later, you’ll also earn your pot of gold.


So, have you decided which platform or position you’re applying to? These are just a sample of the many opportunities to kickstart your work from home career. Just remember that this kind of work also has its ups and downs; it’s not all glory in the name of freelancing. You have to consistently learn, apply for jobs, and do networking. The freelancing competition is ever evolving. Once you’ve proved yourself, your clients will go back for more, or better yet, keep you for long term.

Got any other websites to add? Please share them in the comments!

**Full disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate links


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