2016 Pinoy Freelancer Salary Guide

The interview is almost over and it looks positive. Client then asks, “What is your rate?”

Last June 27, Freelancing.ph conducted its annual freelancer salary survey. Now on its third year, we made the report comprehensive by gathering more respondents and covering more job specializations. To better understand the analysis of the results, here’s a snapshot of our respondents:


  • Majority (50%) are tenured freelancers working for a good 3-6 years.
  • Almost all of them have an active contract
  • Top 5 job categories are: General Virtual Assistants (30.9%), Customer Support (12.5%), Data Entry Specialist (8.9%), Web developer/Content Writer (5.5%), SEO Specialist (4.5%)



We’ve divided the results based on specialization. Find your niche to find out how you’re faring vs other freelancers. Or better yet, read through each category to know which high-paying skill you should learn next!

For Business/Operations/Administrator: Approximately how much is your hourly rate?

Business Operations personnel are involved mostly with running the company administration. Tasks related to this include finances and website management. On the average, majority of freelancers in this line of work are expected to receive rates between $6-8 hourly since most responses are from individuals with more than 4 years of experience.

Screenshot 2016-07-13 18.48.27

For Content Editors/Strategists: How much is your average hourly rate?

Content Editing jobs include reviewing and managing contents to provide assurance in standards and guidelines compliance, while strategists are involved on defining, developing and maintaining writing style, or assigning and tracking new content development. Majority of the respondents are receiving an average of $13-15 pay per hour, considering that more than half have 1-2 years of experience.

Content EditorStrategist

For Content/Article Writers: How much is your average rate per 500-word article?

One of the most in demand freelance opportunity, Content or Article Writing is famous for providing writings for blogs, white papers, reviews, product description and other mediums. While some are paid on an hourly basis, quarter percentage of the respondents are able to charge clients with a rate on a $3-5 range for a 500-word article.

Content Writer

For Customer Support: Approximately how much is your hourly rate?

The majority of Customer Support freelancers have been receiving rates of average $9-12 hourly, with a slight difference with the remaining majority rated $6-8 on the average. Customer Support jobs come in the form of calls, emails, and/or live chat. Data were gathered from people mostly with more than 4 years of customer support experience.

Customer Support

For Data Entry Specialists: Approximately how much is your hourly rate?

In comparison with last year’s guide, Data Entry Specialists rates this year are surveyed on a per hour basis. A significant number of freelancers, mostly from the experienced for a year or two, are receiving payments of $3-5 on the average, with the few others on a slightly higher rate of $6-8 per hour.

Data Entry Specialist

For Digital Marketing Strategists: Approximately how much is your hourly rate?

Digital Marketing Strategists offer Online Marketing services such as Social Media marketing and the likes. Most of them, with freelancers with varying years of experience not less than one, charge around $6-$8 hourly rate.

Digital Marketing Strategist

For Financial Managers: Approximately how much is your hourly rate? (Accounting/Bookkeeping)

With an expanding business potential, so does the demand for Financial managers. This job includes book keeping, auditing, accounting management and control. Half of the freelancers population on this position expect hourly payment rate of $9-12 on the average. Respondents come from different years of experience.

Financial Services

For General Virtual Assistants: Approximately how much is your hourly rate?

General VA services have been in the freelance market for quite a long time. They offer a wide range of services including (but not limited to) schedule management, email drafting and management, social media, data entry and web research. Majority are paid within the average of $6-$8 per hour, 1% ahead of freelancers charging clients around $3-5. Half of them having more than 2 years of experience.

General Virtual Assistant

For Graphic Designers: Approximately how much is your average rate for an A-4 sized infographic?

Majority of graphic designers surveyed for their A-4 sized infographic design rate gave an average of $21-50, for people consisting mostly of freelancers having 1-2 years of experience. Graphic design jobs include creating unique images for products and services and developing graphics and visual or audio images for product illustrations, logos, and websites.

GraphicsVisual Artist

For HR/Recruiting Managers: Approximately how much is your hourly rate?

Finding the right resources for the right company is a very essential position every business should fill in. HR/Recruiting Managers’ work includes attracting potential applicants and selecting the best candidates. Rates given by freelancers mostly are on the $6-8 hourly average, with the majority from 5-6 years experienced.

HRRecruiting Managers

For Outbound Telesales: Approximately how much is your hourly rate?

Outbound Telesales, or Telemarketing, is focused on getting sales usually by calls. Majority are able to charge for their hourly service an average of $6-8 pay rate, though most of the respondents range from 1-4 years of experience only.

Outbound Telesales

For Project Managers: Approximately how much is your hourly rate?

Another important position is the Project Manager. On an environment of diverse, overseas work, PMs carry the demand of maintaining the clients’ projects on track, with the highest possible efficiency. Hourly rate falls under $9-12 for the majority.

Project Manager

For SEO Specialists: How much is your average monthly fee for 1 client? (keyword analysis, on-page, off-page, link building)

When talking about keyword research and analysis, on page auditing, off page, and link building strategies, that’s where SEO Specialists come in. They work with the goal of putting their client’s site on Google search result’s page one. Most claim to receive per client payments below $1000, from people mostly with quite a long years of experience.

SEO Specialist

For Social Media Manager: Approximately how much is your hourly rate?

The rise of social media awareness gave freelancers the opportunity to get it on business. Social Media Manager positions is defined with responsibilities such as maintenance and monitoring of social media presence, use of various analytical tools to point out measurable output, answering online queries and generating promotional contents for the business. Majority are claiming to have received rates of $9-12 hourly with respondents coming from 3-4 years of experience in majority.

Social Media Manager

For Transcriptionists: Approximately how much is your rate for one audio hour?

Transcriptionists make a varying report as to which audio hour rate average their pay fall into. With freelancers with less than 1 year of experience at most, equal number of people expect payment above and below the $21 mark.


For Web Developers: Approximately how much is your hourly rate?

Freelancing as a Web developer has been a huge opportunity for more than half of experienced individuals. The job includes writing programming codes either from scratch or by adapting a platform to build stunning websites, and uploading the site to the server to be found on the search pages. Pay for the position are expected by the majority at $6-8 hourly, as contributed by people with more than 5 years of web development experience.

Web Developer



In conclusion, the top jobs considered as highest compensating are Content Editor/Strategists, Project Managers, and Web Developers. The table below shows hourly and monthly freelancer rates on the average. We acknowledge the respondents’ participation, for taking time answering the survey and for sharing to the community. Until next year!


Rate Summary

Do you agree with the results of this report? Share your insights with us!


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