2015 Pinoy Freelancer’s Salary Guide


But Cath, can I earn as much as my current salary if I shift to working online?

One of the most common questions I get from my former colleagues and others interested to shift to an online career. I don’t have a short answer for this; plus there are so many job categories available, the income potential varies. To help answer this question, we conducted a poll among our Freelancing.ph members.

As a background, our members are composed of 45% tenured freelancers (3-5 years), 32% are working an average of 1-3 years, and the rest are still looking or freelancing for less than a year. In terms of skills, we have a mix of Virtual Assistants, Customer Service Reps, Data Entry and Digital Marketers. Without further ado, here are the detailed results of our survey.


 For General Virtual Assistants:  Approximately how much is your hourly rate?

General VAs offer a wide range of services including (but not limited to) calendar management, email handling, social media, data entry, research and more. Majority fall under the $6-$8 per hour bracket followed closely by $3-$5.


For Content/Article Writers:  How much is your average rate per 500-word article?

Content Writers provide articles for blogs, white papers, reviews, product description and other mediums. Some are paid hourly but most are contracted on a per article/ number of words basis. Most of our writers charge $5 and below but a quarter (most likely the seasoned ones) of them charge as high as $11-15 per article.


For SEO Specialists:  How much is your monthly fee?

SEO Specialists offer keyword research and analysis, on page auditing, off page, and link building strategies with the goal of putting the website they’re working on at the first page of Google’s search results. For this one, there was no clear dominant rate. They charge depending on a number of factors.

For Graphic Designers:  Approximately how much is your average rate for a A-4 sized flyer?

Graphic Artists as you know offer artwork in various mediums. For this poll, we focused on a specific size and format. And majority charge $21-40 for a flyer.


For Data Entry Specialists:  How much is your average fixed rate for a 1000-long directory listing project?

Data Entry Specialists are paid either on an hourly basis or output based. For this survey, we asked them their rate for a 1000-long directory listing project. The average rate is around $41-$100 mark.


For Customer Service Specialists:  How much is your hourly rate?

Customer Support comes in the form of calls, emails, and/or live chat. For our CSRs, the rate varies as well depending on the freelancer’s experience.


For Social Media and Digital Marketers:  Approximately how much is your hourly rate?

This group are composed of Social Media Managers, Marketing Strategists, and other freelancers offering related Online Marketing services. Most of them charge around $6-$8 as their hourly rate.


Those that didn’t fall under the above categories also shared their rates in their fields:

NOTE: These are not averages. Rates have been provided by few individuals only (low base). I just added this to help give an idea of potential income in other job categories.

Job Category Hourly
Scrum Master $50
HR/Recruiter $10-12
Resume Writer $15
Developer $75-150
Audio Transcription $13
Project Management $13-16
Financial Services $10


Summary of 2015 Pinoy Freelancer’s Salary Guide

In summary, here’s a compilation of average hourly and monthly freelancer rates translated in Philippine Peso. We will update this again next year so make sure to check this space.


Job Category Hourly Fixed Average Monthly In Php
General Virtual Assistant $3-$7 $480 – $1120 P21,647 – P50,510
Content Writer (500 words) $5 and below P225 – P901
SEO (monthly fee per client) $250-$1000 P11,270 – P45,098
Graphics Designer (for an A4 design) $21-$40 P947 – P1,803
Data Entry (1000 leads) $41-$100 P1,800 – 4,500
Customer Service Rep $3-$10 $480 – $1,600 P21,647 – 72,157
Social Media/Digital Marketing $3-$8 $480 -$1,280 P21,647 – 57,726


If you’re a freelancer, do you agree with the above average rates? If not, please comment why below.

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