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Dreaming of working from home? Let’s make it happen!

8 offers several training programs to prep you for a successful career online. Coaching is done via live webinar to simulate a virtual work environment. Courses last for 2-3 hrs inclusive of Q&A and email consultations. Graduates will have exclusive access to our resource center.

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We get you started in 2 weeks or less.


Experience-based module

Complete with mock job application and actionable tips!


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Email consultations plus spotlight in our graduate pool.



What do people say about us?

Personally, I prefer your webinar compared to other webinars I attended (and these are from established digital marketing organizations). I found the SEO webinar very practical!

Roche, Corporate Communications Manager

I like the idea of teaching Filipinos on how they can get started in this world of freelance. Traditional job hunting is a bit different from freelancing and you guys can help people make that transition easy as 1-2-3.

Lew, Windows and Linux Administrator



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